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Frank Howarth, 75 years old, 17 handicap, plays loads of competitions midweek and weekends, shot his age.

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Some decided just to go Fancy Dress and ignore the film theme. Smooth tarmac greeted him instead of a rutted, potholed track. The club is returning to normal, or at least what passes for normal here, after the mayhem of Charity Day on Saturday.


My office was much tidier as well, he said I could be making that bit up Fines were levied for anything I could think of in the presentation, Don Parrott collected Dave Millards prize for a nearest the pin, so he was fined for impersonating Dave Millard.

This morning, we tallied it all up and we have casino night albany ny grand total. John Ainsworth aces the 13th, to make it three aces so far in July. Stenson and Mickleson picked the wrong partners as well, as Colin Clough and Karen Crane failed cheeky pete slot machine capitalise on their majestic final rounds at The Open.

The consensus was that if you think the rough at Chalgrave is tough at the moment, then the Hoo will change that perception right away!! I don't cheeky pete slot machine Frank will be off 17 next viggo slots no deposit though Mick Parrett marked the occasion by aceing the yard 16th, but even this magnificent feat didn't get Chalgrave onto the podium this year.

Meanwhile, oblivious to the chaos in the lobby as half the seniors tried to find out where they were playing and with who, coupled with the fact that no one actually had any cards, Tony and Bob casually made their way down to the 1st Tee and with the half of the section that has sussed out who they were playing with and where they were starting, launched into Captains Drive In.

Club Captain Simon Ward lead by example, forgetting to pick up one of his golfing partners on the way in and having to drive off to retrieve him when he finally remembered about an hour after arriving!

Amazingly, they all managed to return to the clubhouse where Captain Tony held court for the prize giving. Clearly, if you want multiple aces, you need to be on T'Committee!!!

Senior Captains Cheeky pete slot machine In That is the staggering sum raised by a people playing golf. I don't agree with England Golf and its structure either To hell with a referendum, this is far more important!!

I'm never going to pass up an opportunity like that, so I've contacted all of the sponsors, players, auction purchasers and ad hoc donators, and they have all agreed to withdraw their original monies and re-donate them to the Sam Groves Haircut Fund.

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He subsequently was required to collect something as Don Parrott, and so was fined again for impersonating Don Parrott on the basis that he had admitted to being Dave Millard! The situation was compounded by the fact that there had been some subtle name changes in the translation from computer to handwritten list; Jerry Atkinson became Jerry Atkins, but Jerry Atkinson didn't know if we actually had a Jerry Atkins as a member, so he was unsure if it was typo or should that be a hando??

There is no truth in the rumour though, that he parted the waters of the 10th and walked directly to the cheeky pete slot machine Par's, birdies even an eagle. Just goes to prove, it doesn't matter what club you hit, its where it ends up that counts!! I hope to have a photo of that presentation very shortly.

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I know what my money is on The two lowest scoring Pro's were the top two, Stenson and Mickleson, so the pressure is on Colin Clough and Karen Crane to have done their bit to lift the trophy The Tuesday competition saw 54 players compete over 18 holes off the yellows. The Morris Dancers were a classic example of this, but it would have been churlish to criticise them for this, given the worrying level of skill and synchronisation they showed when performing their dance routines in the early evening, gave a clear indication that rehearsals cheeky pete slot machine been going on for some time.

I'll stop digging now!! Normally, 50 points would bring forth the accusations of banditry and dodgy handicaps. After the prizes were claimed and the auction completed, we launched into the disco cheeky pete slot machine the remainder of the evening.

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News filters through of some decent scoring Rob Peck had the distinction of winning the amateur only comp and hanging onto the lead thanks to the 70 scored by Argentinian Emiliano Grillo. Ken Goodland played with Frank and said it will be a round he will never forget.

Moses then led the Children of Chalgrave to the Promised Land, otherwise known as the dancefloor where he performed miracles for the rest of iphone 5 s geant casino evening!

The day, as always was a brand of organised chaos for which we have become rightly famous. How is that possible?

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The handwritten start sheet was quite challenging to read, so Tarby, who wears glasses but gets really close to what he needs to read and then peers over the top of the glasses, started to read out which groups were off which tee, except he couldn't read the handwriting that well.

Today had a nostalgic feel to it On the other hand, there could be unlimited numbers of visitors on Thursday, sitting with the IN's but they might not have brought any money with them and the IN's will have to contribute to their beer and green fees.

The evening dinner was superb and we were delighted to see Steve and Beryl Bradshaw make a short but most welcome appearance. That track used to be framed by rows of small sticks about 2ft high and cheeky pete slot machine now glorious trees.