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Nicely balanced with his bone, and well bodied and his neckline flowed into a level topline. Sound as they come on the move and tapped with a gleaming white harsh jacket.

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Good bone quality and depth of brisket. Long neck, long elegant head with good length of muzzle, small ears, small eyes, needs better angulation in front, moves with drive. I described what I found in my report of E. Fourth was the very handsome Smooth Fox Terrier, with great style in lines and particularly pleasing set of neck and topline - mover and had the attitude which are so desirable.

The Officers and Committee along with their willing volunteers had everything running like clockwork and it really did feel like a well-oiled machine. Strong, firm, short body.

And so to the final four. Well presented in a jacket of good colour and texture, she made an excellent picture on the move in profile. In 1st class coat and condition. Good rear angulation, g3 casino magazine out well with drive.

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Dark eyes and pigmentation, lovely neck into good shoulders. This dog combines the right shortness with soundness and quality and no problems related to cobbyness.

Excellent coat which is presented to best advantage and he moved out with drive from the rear. The BOB winners were called to the collecting ring at a sensible time and pretty soon we were off and it was time to concentrate. Faultless construction was well demonstrated by his stunning movement covering the ground with great drive but perfectly parallel.

After moving each again I found myself drawn to those in the following order.

He too had presence, fitted my interpretation of the standard so well and was as sound as they come. Long, strong, clean head. Kerry Blue Terrier dog. Tobijanski's Cesky Terrier Janski Ultra Violet, like the topline a lot with a slight rise over the loins, excellent head and expression, not too broad in front, very nice in colour and coat texture, excellent mover.

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I gather she was winning her first challenge certificate on the day but I feel sure she will have a great future. A mature looking boy of super type, great outline, lovely quarters, good jacket and immaculately presented.

I received a very warm welcome from all concerned and felt very much at ease. Some can considered themselves extremely unfortunate not to be placed. In second place was the Norwich dog whose head and outline appeal greatly and he carries himself well driven by his strong wide quarters. Always a huge ring for the groups at WKC and with it being an all CC show you hope for a full and strong group.

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Lovely head and good fringe to ears and placement.