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When a site has been around for a significant period of time, and continues to chug along without issue, it's more than likely that the platform is doing everything above board. You're already on the right path as a reader of this page, so keep up the good work and continue your due diligence!

Those included popular sites of the day like AbsolutePoker. Is Online Gambling Legal in Kentucky? Sites like this are chief among them, but the Internet is full of resources for online gamblers to compare platforms, read player generated reviews and make an informed spending decision. With all that said, the fine folks in charge of the Commonwealth back in didn't seem to agree, gambling in florence ky Kentucky petitioned the courts to seize domain names related to online gambling.

Choosing a platform can be a difficult task indeed, what with the eclectic mix of software providers, licensing bodies, regulatory agencies and ownership groups.

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Congress slipped the UIGEA into an unrelated bill to support spending for port security, knowing that it would pass with little to no opposition, and seemingly overnight - with no debate or discussion on the subject - the federal government enacted a blanket ban over online gambling.

Obviously, sites like Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker fall under the category of "unsafe," due to their highly publicized insider cheating scandals and other unscrupulous shenanigans. Sadly, that elsewhere doesn't include Kentucky just yet, so players there are left to choose from hundreds of offshore sites still operating in the U. Thankfully for players inthe phenomenon known as "market correction" has worked wonders.

While most of these sites are on the level - providing legitimate casino games, slots and poker while paying winners promptly - a few "rogue" platforms took full advantage of the regulation free market. Thus, online gambling in Kentucky remains, as it ever was, in the fateful grey zone. Lacking a law that explicitly addresses online gambling though means that such wagers simply can't be classified as illegal.

Are Offshore Gambling Sites Safe? The UIGEA relied on a federal law known as the Wire Act ofwhich prohibited sports betting via telephone, as lawmakers made the stretch from phones to dial up Internet, and then to all online activity. Read on to learn more about the actual laws that cover online gambling in Kentucky, along with everything a player needs to know before bringing their bankroll to the Bluegrass State.

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Visit Site Online Gambling and Kentucky Law The Commonwealth of Kentucky has a complicated relationship with the online gambling industry, as you'll learn in greater detail below. Thankfully, following a court battle that dragged on through six years and several appellate courts, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled that domain names do no constitute gambling devices under the law. Conversely, without statute that explicitly legalizes online gambling, such wagers can't be classified as legal.

Fortunately for the millions of Americans who place wagers of one type or another online, the UIGEA applied to the business side only, penalizing operators for conducting business - while not paying taxes - within the U. So far, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only states to take the invitation, but their successful markets now provide a template for similar legislation proposed in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, California and elsewhere.

Also On This Page. In a brief respite from the bad news, that interpretation of the Wire Act was reversed inwhen the Department of Justice ruled that the law only applied to sports betting-not casino games or poker. That all depends on which offshore gambling sites in particular you're referring to. That ruling effectively put an end to the state's costly court battle, and Beshear's time as Governor ended in due to term limits.

An infamous court battle in saw the Governor's office attempt to seize more than a hundred online gambling domain names - even though none of them were operating from inside the state.

Accordingly, we feel highly confident telling readers that online gambling is surely not a crime in Kentucky - while simultaneously stating that it's not legal either. Overnight, individual states were freed from the shackles of UIGEA and granted the right to establish their own online gambling regulations. We're here to help you make that climb by pointing you in the right direction towards a few of our favorite online gambling providers.

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Kentucky has no statutes on the books that specifically address gambling via the Internet. Research your prospective online gambling providers through multiple resources, and look for things like prompt payout periods, affiliation with established software providers, licensing and regulatory oversight by respected agencies and, of course, longevity.

Throw in shady operators that sully the good name of an entire industry, and players always seem to face an uphill climb. In terms of actual legal statutes, Kentucky is actually on the lax side when compared to other states because their law's definition of a "gambling device" is specifically limited to slot machines, roulette wheels and genuine casino equipment.

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Years later, the courts ruled against Kentucky, but that hasn't led to any sort of shift toward a policy of legalization and regulation. Well, yes and no Rather than follow through on his pledge, Beshear backtracked, and attempted to ban the entire industry for Kentuckians in one full swoop.

The sad fact is, most people tend to focus on the negative when assessing any situation, let alone a financial transaction based on gambling. What happens when we take a wider view, and consider the millions upon millions of Americans - and tens of millions more around the world - who regularly enjoy casino games, slots, poker, bingo, sports betting and daily fantasy sports DFS via the Internet?

At that point, it becomes quite clear that most online gambling sites out there today are doing something right. The attack came at the behest of Governor Steve Beshear, who, in an ironic twist actually, ran on a platform that included online gambling legalization.

Over that span, each platform has stood the test of time, serving customers day in and day out with little in the way of complaints. After all, players wouldn't continue to line up and deposit their hard earned funds to play a game that's rigged. No records documenting online gambling related arrests in Kentucky were located during our comprehensive search, which leads us to believe that local authorities in gambling in florence ky state aren't focused on nabbing players.

This is the "grey zone" that online gambling experts typically refer to when studying state laws. Now, if you were to do something like launch your prison casino tokens online casino, poker room or sportsbook, you'd find yourself in hot water with local authorities. That's why we answered "yes and no" above - as both are technically true.

That's quite common across America, as most states were slow on the upkeep during the online gambling industry's rise before deferring to federal law after the UIGEA of was enacted.

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That's a product of dedicated customer service, transparent bonus and promotion systems and a commitment to game integrity - all ingredients that players should be on the lookout for. Unfortunately, many folks out there judge the entire online gambling industry based on the actions of a few outliers - letting the proverbial "bad apples" spoil the entire bunch. Indeed, a close inspection of the Kentucky Revised Statutes shows that players are immune to prosecution for gambling related crimes, as Section That's because Section Players who have been burned by a particular site have plenty of forums to publicize their experiences and warn fellow players in the process.

We suppose you could, but it would mark a historic turn of events. Players were left with unregulated offshore sites as the most readily available online gambling option, the very same sites that Kentucky's government tried to take down back in Sure, they were serving Kentuckians, but these sites were largely located offshore.

See for yourself by reviewing Section