Peek a boo spooky slot Utah Slot Canyons: Peek-a-boo and Spooky Gulch

Peek a boo spooky slot. Peekaboo Gulch (Escalante) - ALL You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

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This was where the cairn nightmare began. I've learned that we sometimes feel like we've "gone too far" and other times feel like we haven't gone far enough. You'd think I would've learned my lesson from the Long Canyon Slot, right? This 26 miles will take minutes to drive, depending on the condition of HITR road.

But I love this! The highlight of the hike is the last meters of the slot, where interlocking swirls, fins, and arches are cut into the red Navajo sandstone. Okay, I'm a dork. We did see cars picking up hikers who were walking and dropping them at their cars.

That was not the case later in the day. Me, carrying Ollie and my pack, my hiking boots hanging around my neck, in the Narrows of Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon My experience with slot canyons are exactly two: And STOP creating them!

Two sizes too big, and not a huge loss if the rough canyon walls tear them. Dry Fork Slot Canyon. We also opted to continue to carry our boots and socks, believing our bare feet to have better grip on the curvy and vertical walls.

It doesn't get uncomfortably narrow, although there are points where the slick rock of the canyon walls end at a "v" to form the floor of the narrow.

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Even if you have an AWD vehicle, if it doesn't have high clearance, you will not make it to the next parking area. The trailhead for Peek-a-boo Gulch slot canyon is straight ahead, toward the north, and the trailhead to Spooky Gulch slot canyon is a bit farther down to the east. At this point, you have to decide if you want to keep your socks and boots on, or take them off and carry them.

I recommend that you disregard the cairns, and hike east to a wash that will lead you right into the entrance of Spooky slot. The hike to this slot canyon leads through the sandy Dry Fork Wash to the mouth of Peek-a-boo, a narrow, twisted slot canyon about a quarter-mile long.

Don't be fooled and waste too much time hanging out in the sun! Peek-a-boo Gulch and Spooky Gulch are located within minutes of each other, about 26 miles south of Escalante on the Hole-in-the-Rock Road.

Not something that could be scrambled and the canyon was too wide to "sitting bridge" to the bottom. Somehow I find myself inside an adventure And what does easy access mean? We thought for sure this was the end of the slot, but it turned out to be the reprieve before the narrowest areas.

Since learning some canyoneering skills, I now feel confident that Bug and I both could have handled chimneying under the rock safely. Now it was time to find some middle ground. Please don't do this; you'll be leaving yourself without any back up, tools, water, first aid, etc. Thankfully, Bug is amazing at navigation and understanding landscapes.

The walls begin closing in just feet in, requiring hikers to turn sideways and squeeze between the slot canyon walls. Well, my warning to you was based on us - we were gambling tax accountant, emotionally drained from the stupid cairns and just wanted to get home.

These challenges definitely required team work. This is where any vehicle that is not 4WD with high clearance should park. The man navigated the drop easily, but his wife struggled with her legs being just shy of a comfortable enough length to reach "shelves" under the boulder.

Although minutes may not seem like that big of a deal in the morning, keep in mind what it will feel like after a full day of hiking! Let me repeat that: The man offered to help us descend since we were obviously much shorterbut I was getting an peek a boo spooky slot feeling; maybe it was my earlier trepidation, maybe it was my good sense.

I won't go into the details here see previous blog: You will regret it. The super squiggly, compact line in the middle is Peek A Boo slot. It's not so great in slot canyons, since it tracks your sideways and vertical movement and adds them to "distance traveled," but it's frequently quite entertaining to see what you were actually doing.

Also due to it's lack of popularity, it's difficult to find much information. And then some other areas that are a sharp decent. At the top of the wall, a 3-foot deep pothole is often filled with water but peek a boo spooky slot scramblers will manage to navigate without getting wet.

If you find yourself in a wash east of the top of Peek A Boo slot, just follow the wash. If you haven't read any of my previous blogs about checking the weather, please go back and read them.

By the third level, you will be right at the drop-off into the Dry Fork Wash. There's no other way to describe it.

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Pull one foot out of the water, and rub the bottom of it on the rock wall. We did not walk very far yards? It turns into the entrance of Spooky slot. It doesn't last for too long maybe feetbut if you have soft-sided shoes or are not comfortable "star walking" one foot on a wall, on each side of the peek a boo spooky slot href="">spooky slots pogo 2015, "walking" above the actual floor this area can feel a bit like an ankle-breaker.

Because it's the most easily accessible in theory. From the end of the trail, hikers can choose to retrace their steps back through Peek-a-boo, or follow the cairns south to the mouth of Spooky Gulch slot canyon. This is what we just came out of! Both slot canyons are close together and only moderately difficult, but still requiring sure footing, some rock-scrambling agility and in some cases the ability to squeeze through tight spaces.

Luckily, on the descent into the wash, the excess number of cairns weren't enough to create confusion. We hiked until we felt we had reached close to the end according to everything we had readthen we turned around. His wife was likely 5'7" or 5'8". The only problem was that it was still at least a 6' drop from what we could seeand we were unable to see what we would be getting ourselves into until we had actually committed to navigating the drop.