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To calculate the slot width that would make a total area of If you do tune higher, be sure to get an amp with a sub-sonic filter and set it high enough that your sub doesn't unload that's when it starts moving in an uncontrolled way.

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Generally speaking, as long as the port opening is within 4 to 5 feet of the subwoofer with no major barriers in between generally not an issue in car audio you'll be fine. I've used WinISDpro for all the calculations so far. Also, what's the internal volume of your enclosure?

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I also have access to bass box pro, but I have a hard time using that software. We need a inch deep port.

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How To Make A Slot Port The easiest and most effective way to build a port is to use a slot shaped port that uses 3 sides of your enclosure as port walls. Someone will now correct me and say it's an infra-sonic filter, I'm just using the vernacular. The additional piece of wood should be casino qawra malta off the end of the box.

The port area is in square inches, meaning it takes height times width to calculate total area. Box volume in cubic feet X 16 the amount of port area in square inches per cubic feet of box volume. This tunes the boxes to about 40 Hz. In the car, the slot would be facing up and the sub would be sideways near the rear corner of my hatch.

I've seen some mention of the ports actually slot port calculator to a lower frequency than their length would dictate port correction? Either way I would be leaving the volume of airspace available to the woofer the same as suggested by the mfgr.

Either that or get a sub with ridiculous power handling and a very high X-max and have some fun with excursion! Port Length Obstructions port lengths do not allow for inch port depths without some sort of modification.

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The port length should slot port calculator 16 inches deep. Also, does it matter if the slot opening faces the same direction as the sub slot port calculator My design was for a shallow 6" inside depth box with the sub on the large side and the port coming out of one of the shallow edges. In our example box, we have an inside height of Contact us today with your tech support questions or any other inquiries.

I've searched around, but haven't found much guidance. Tuning higher can drastically reduce power handling if you don't compensate with a SSF. Thanked 14 Times in 14 Posts Slot port calculator Power: We will have meucci casino 7 bend the port along the back wall to get the full port length.

I am curious about building a slot ported box as well, will I have problems with my sub if I tune the sub box higher than the mfgr suggests for more SPL? Guidance for building a slot ported box?

You can fire the port a different direction from the sub.

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The rule of thumb is not to let the end of the port get any closer to the back wall than the width of the port. The box port can be calculated with a simple formula. For example the mfgr suggests 28Hz and I want to tune the box to Hz That seems like a tiny port.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Originally Posted by billbillw Hi, I've built several ported boxes in the past, but always used round PVC pipe for the ports.

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You now have an L shaped port totaling 16 inches in depth. So back to our guns n roses slot demo, we have an internal box depth of We must bend the port at 8.

So it would be a 6"x 1. If the port is located at one end of the box, only one additional piece of wood is required to complete the port. To calculate where to make the bend, subtract the port width from the inside box depth.

What subwoofer will you be using?