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It's literally just a cage, and cable that leads under slot machine riddler trophy wall to nowhere, as far as I can see.

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Normally, if I can't immediately see the trigger for a riddle, I ask myself, "What am I not seeing? Each of them corresponds to one of the bonus features: The final is green, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, yellow, green. But the cable for this one just runs under the wall and vanishes This value can be from 0.

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These three symbols can occupy two cells at the same time vertically, increasing the chance of a gambler to hit the jackpot. Use the Batclaw to rip out his chest, revealing a generator and some rotating shields.

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VincentVega VincentVega 3 years ago 2 Near the slot machine you mean? Stage B There's another puzzle on a scaffolding in the western side of the room. Now you can grapple to a trophy up there.

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It's locked in one of those little half-sphere cages, and a cord runs from the cage under the nearby wall First, hit the generator with the Remote Electrical Charge to lower the lead sheet nearby. Progressive Jackpot All the Playtech slot machines based on DC comics take part in the progressive thematic jackpot.

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I'm just an old killer, hired to do some wet work. Stage C Return to Stage C proper to find a new puzzle rigged in the middle of the room.

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Use the Line Launcher to wire walk your way over the electrical panels, then turn around at the end of the hall to a pair of steam vents. Hit the generator with the opposite charge to raise the sheet, and detonate the gel to blow out the cracked wall above.

Stage B Near the entrance is a trophy inside a spinning fan. For Batman, you can get 15,or It can be changed with the help of the plus and minus keys under the Total Bet indicator.

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The second is yellow, green, blue, blue, yellow, red. I feel like it's going to be something incredibly obvious and stupid I'm overlooking User Info: During this round, 20 cells are displayed on the playing field.

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The gambler can control the bet size. Running around looking for gizmos and following cables.

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But this one has slot machine riddler trophy of that.