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Initial design of the United Tribes flag. New Zealand flag debate and List of proposed New Zealand flags The New Zealand flag is often mistaken for the flag of Australia picturedsince they are similar in design.

Red Peak flag The Red Peak flag rose to prominence after dissatisfaction with the final four designs After public disappointment with the official shortlist of four options, a social media campaign was craps spielanleitung on 2 September [58] for the Red Peak flag, a design well-liked by supporters of changing the New Zealand flag who disapprove of the silver fern flag and other similar proposed designs.

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Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff cited the results of recent opinion star trek timelines crew slots that showed widespread public opposition or apathy results are shown in the section below. Despite not being selected by the official Flag Consideration Panel, the Red Peak design was supported by a grassroots social media campaign.

Notable occasions on which the flag was half-masted include: The New Zealand Company settlement at Wellingtonfor example, continued to use the United Tribes flag until ordered to replace it by Governor William Hobson in May following his declaration of British sovereignty. With the Union Jack in its upper left-hand quarter, the flag still proclaims New Zealand's origins as a British colony.

The flag should be at least its own height from the top of the flagpole. Three flags were proposed, all designed by the missionary Henry Williamswho was to play a major role in the translation of the Treaty of Waitangi in Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff claimed that the final list of members of the Flag Consideration Panel was numerically slanted towards those nominated by the National Party, despite the shortlist of candidates being roughly neutral.

This general design is John Key's preferred proposal. In this flag it is meant to also resemble a wave, cloud and ram's horn. The red represents the country's heritage and sacrifices made.

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Alofi Kanter Silver Fern Black and White Variation of the silver fern flag which has the unique silver fern and black and white colour scheme. The distance of the centre of the star nearest the outer edge of the fly from the point of intersection shall be equal to twelve-sixtieths of the hoist of the ensign, and the distance of the centre of the star nearest the Union Jack from the point of intersection shall be equal to fourteen-sixtieths of the hoist of the ensign.

In such cases, no distinguishing defacement or fringing of the flag is used. Unless a flag was selected, ships could continue to be seized. His proposal, incorporating the Southern Crosswas approved.

Prime Minister John Key confirmed that the National Party would pick up the legislation, meaning the Red Peak flag was added as a fifth option in the flag referendum.

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The Bill passed its first reading but was defeated at its second reading, 26 votes to No permission is needed to fly the flag, and it may be flown on every day of the year—government and public buildings with flagpoles are especially encouraged to fly the flag during working hours. The centres of the stars forming the short limb of the cross shall be on a line intersecting the vertical limb at an angle of 82 therewith, and rising from near the lower fly corner of the Union Jack towards the upper fly corner of the ensign, its point of intersection with the vertical line being distant from the centre of the uppermost star of the cross twelve-sixtieths of the hoist of the ensign.

Section 11 1 outlines two offences: Some New Zealanders believe there should be a new flag which better reflects the country's independence[29] while others argue that the design represents New Zealand's strong past and present ties to the United Kingdom and its history as a part of the British Empire.

Shipley, along with the New Zealand Tourism Board, backed the quasi-national silver fern flagusing a white silver fern on a black background as a possible alternative flag, [38] along the lines of the Canadian Maple Leaf flag. The United Tribes' flag is still flown on the flag pole at Waitangi, and can be seen on Waitangi Day.

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It was not, however, flown officially. However, it should never be flown in a dilapidated condition. Kennedy Graham expressed scepticism at the official rationale that the referendums simply reflected a pre-existing public debate, and argued that recent discussion was actually deliberately sparked by the referendums announcement itself.

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Stuart Nash presented quotes in the Regulatory Impact Statement document admitting that referendum options were restricted by prior casino billard by the National Party dominated Cabinet and prime minister, accusing them of pre-determining the process.

The two Lockwood proposals were likened to the design of a beach towel[48] at least until Lockwood pointed out that most national flags were made into beach towels. On 5 August Labour list MP Charles Chauvel introduced a member's bill for a consultative commission followed by a referendum on the New Zealand flag.

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The star nearest the fly edge of the ensign shall measure five-sixtieths, the star at the top of the cross and that nearest to the Union Jack shall each measure six-sixtieths, and the star at the bottom of the cross shall measure seven-sixtieths of the hoist of the ensign across their respective red points, and the width of the white borders to the several stars shall in all cases be equal to one one-hundred-and-twentieth of the hoist of the ensign.

These were used to argue that the referendums were unnecessary as the question was already answered by the public as a clear negative. New Zealand was not a colony at the time and had no flag. Denis O'Rourke said that the shortlisting process was undemocratic because the Flag Consideration Panel would select the final flag design options on behalf of New Zealanders, and asking the public to choose between alternative designs before asking if they wanted a change was intentionally manipulative.

Black is one of the most well known National colours of New Zealandand represents the pride and strength of New Zealand. The blue represents New Zealand's clear atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. There were complaints that the four designs were far too similar to each other, as only one does not feature a large silver fern dividing the fieldand two are identical except for a colour choice.

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The ship had been sailing without a flag, a violation of British navigation laws. New Zealand did not have a colonial badge, or indeed a coat of arms of its own at this stage, and so the letters "NZ" were simply added to the blue ensign. Union Jack[ edit ] After the signing of the Treaty of Waitangithe Union Jack was used, although the former United Tribes flag was still used by a number of ships from New Zealand and in many cases on land.

Andrew Fyfe Black jack new zealand flag Black Features a Maori koru pattern depicting an unfurling fern frond, traditionally representing new life, growth, strength and peace. The bill's introduction was blocked by New Zealand First.