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Cruise ship blackjack rules. NCL Cruise Benefits - Seven Stars Insider

Just as Katy was informing me she needed dick and it was time for us to go back to the room and fuck like bunnies, the DJ announced it was time to award the prizes for best PJ's. Katy protested that she hadn't brought any sleepwear with her as she expected I'd be keeping her naked as much as possible. One by one the ladies were auctioned off and went to stand are automatic roulette tables rigged their winner.

When you get to 2, points or more, you can redeem the points for comps to defray onboard expenses, or convert them to free play. Generally speaking, the best you can get on a Seven Stars Voyage is a balcony stateroom. I found one not too far away that sounded good. I was ready to book right away, but of course my ever diligent Katy wanted to research the site more thoroughly, first.

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Regent Seven Seas and Oceania Cruises now share the same program. It had all of the major Casino games set up, from Blackjack to Texas Hold 'em. Insider Tip Bring a highlighter along on your next cruise. As this particular game started with twelve couples it didn't take a math genius to figure out twelve women to seven men meant one or more men were about to get real lucky.

I knew she was pissed and I cruise ship blackjack rules likely getting laid on this night, and maybe not for a while. Just follow the fish on the carpeting. As with the slot games, table game rules are not as good as many onshore casinos. Katy was clearly upset with me, not only for letting the other guy eat her pussy but especially for allowing his partner to rub my cock. Check the Casinos At Sea page for details of the amenities you receive at various levels.

She pulled up the guest book pictures portion of the site and quickly decided against it. Our stateroom was a good size with a king size water bed, a large bathtub with jacuzzi jets, a separate shower stall, a balcony, and a wet bar. There was a smattering of twenty somethings and some thirty somethings but for the most part we were among the younger passengers.

As I mentioned, I was certain this wasn't something I thought Katy would consider in a million years so I was surprised when she started asking the hostess questions about how it worked. Katy ended up winning five hundred dollars playing Keno and decided to get out of there before we gave it back.

She smiled, handed it back to me and said she wanted to redeem it now. Other things to know: This is proper courtesy and often leads to better quality beverages next time.

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It was explained that no always meant no, no matter what. If you have more than 10, points for the trip, this is worth your time. This was no ordinary Casino but an elaborate codigo de blackjack en java hour game.

Katy cruise ship blackjack rules intently as she took it all in, but I figured she was just curious. However, people traveling on a Seven Stars Voyage automatically get a card entitling them to drinks while they're playing in the casino. The casino The casino is open when the ship is at sea. The less popular table games may be open only during peak times or upon customer request.

It was a coupon that said "Good for one mind blowing, orgasm inducing, licking from the man of your choice". Fortunately for me, she took a shower and cooled down while I watched a little television. Check to see if this promotion is still available.

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I commented about the three lucky men that ended up with multiple women all to themselves. It was a bit pricier than a typical cruise, but well worth it if it meant nearly a week of showing off my wonderful Katy.

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There is also a tucked-away blackjack pit with two or three tables for semi-private higher minimum action. When I saw the keno sign I admit I got a bit excited. Be sure to ask before you buy in. All casinos operate in U. For two hours the men would gamble with their titty dollars while the ladies were to mingle and serve drinks. I was done in under an hour and spent another hour or so playing bartender for Katy, being sure to refresh her drink whenever it got low.

Sorting through the basket looking for the vibrator I came across a piece of paper we'd missed the first time. Boarding passes in hand we boarded the cruise ship excited to have a week of kid free fun ahead of us, but also a little nervous about what to expect or what was expected of us. His woman was then issued a numbered collar and taken to another area of the Casino.

I'm forty years old, six feet tall, still have all of my long blond hair and the blue eyes I've often been complimented on over the years. We aren't exactly Ken and Barbie anymore, my six pack abs and Katy's size one figure being as distant a memory as our twentieth birthdays. Stopping to reclaim our clothes we headed to the real casino for a couple of hours of keno for her, poker and blackjack for me, and liquor.

The second day we knew we would be at sea the entire day so we were a bit lazy, sleeping in and ordering a room service brunch rather than head to the buffet.

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It had been a long day, we were tired and had all week to explore the rest of the ship. She doesn't ask if I want to go shopping, she asks if I want to go to Victoria's secret. No one says you have to gamble while on board. Embarrassed, Katy headed to the stage to collect her prize amid applause and several cat calls and whistles.

Next up was a clothing optional cruise. I pointed to the brochure of the upscale lingerie shop on board and reminded her of her winnings from the night before. As a Seven Stars cardholder, you can park your car in the garage for free and walk over from the garage or hotel to the port.